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Arabidopsis Embryo Development
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Stewart Gillmor

Published on SDB CoRe: Jan 17 2012

Organisms: Plants
Tools & Techniques: Visualizing Genes/ Proteins
Embryonic Patterning: Axis Formation; Compartments/Boundaries
Plant Organs: Meristems
Stem Cells: Meristems
Organism: Arabidopsis
Stage of Development: Embryo

Object Description

Embryonic development of the plant, Arabidopsis thaliana from heart stage (left) through torpedo stage (right).  The expression pattern of the transcription factor KAN2 (green) defines the abaxial/peripheral domain of the embryo and shoot.  All of these stages take place within a seed.  The embryo forms the meristems (undiffentiated tissue) which give rise to all of the organs (leaves, flowers and roots) that we see in a mature plant.


Gillmor C.S., Park M.Y., Smith M.R., Pepitone R., Kerstetter R.A., Poethig R.S. The MED12-MED13 module of Mediator regulates the timing of embryo patterning in Arabidopsis. Development, 2010, 137:113-122.

Kerstetter R.A., Bollman K., Taylor R.A., Bomblies K., Poethig R.S. KANADI regulates organ polarity in Arabidopsis. Nature, 2001, 411:706-709.

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