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Learning Developmental Biology
Collaborative Resources for Learning Developmental Biology
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  • The CoRe website has been optimized for the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer (7-9), Firefox (4-6), Safari (4-5), and Google Chrome (9-14).

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  • Utilize the “Save as Work in Progress” button.   This will save your submission form in My CoRe without sending it for review.
  • Mouse over the question boxes to the left of the field title for clarification of what goes in a particular field.
  • Do not copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document into the blue text box fields.  This adds extra coding that will interfere with your character counts.  Instead copy and paste from a plain text file (.txt) and use the style buttons at the top of the text box.  The omega character button (third from right) gives you access to lots of special characters.
  • A watermark will be added to the top-left corner of each image.  This area should therefore be free of any text that may become hidden.
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