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Stage 18 Anole Lizard Embryo
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Catherine May
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Organisms: Vertebrates
Organism: Lizard
Stage of Development: Embryo

Object Description

The green anole lizard, Anolis carolinensis, is part of a diverse adaptive radiation of lizards that comprises over 400 species. For this reason, anoles serve as a model system for studying the interaction between development, evolution and ecology. This is a Stage 18 anole lizard embryo that was near-hatching. It has bone, cartilage, well-developed eyes and lamellae toe pads. Seventy still-developing vertebrae are present along the dorsal aspect of the embryo.

The author would like to acknowledge Minami Tokuyama for collecting the egg.


Sanger, T.J., Losos, J.B., Gibson-Brown, J.J. A developmental staging series for the lizard genus Anolis: A new system for the integration of evolution, development, and ecology. Journal of Morphology, 2008, 269:129-137.

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