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Parhyale Injection
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Nipam Patel
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Additional Author(s): Crystal Chaw

Published on SDB CoRe: Jan 17 2012

Organisms: Invertebrates
Tools & Techniques: Molecular Techniques; Visualizing Genes/ Proteins
Early Embryogenesis: Cleavage
Endoderm-derived: Digestive (Gut) Tract
The Germline: Germline/Soma Divide
Organism: Parhyale
Stage of Development: Embryo

Object Description

8-cell embryos of the crustacean, Parhyale hawaiensis, injected with FITC-Dextran.  In the right three embryos, the injected cell is the "g" micromere (which gives rise to the germline), and in the left embryo, the injected cell is the "Mav" macromere (which gives rise to the visceral mesoderm and somatic mesoderm of the head).


Gerberding, M., Browne, W.E., Patel, N.H. Cell lineage analysis of the amphipod crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis reveals an early restriction of cell fates. Development, 2002, 129:5789-5801.

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