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Xenopus laevis First Cleavage Furrow
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Michael Danilchik

Published on SDB CoRe: Jan 17 2012

Early Embryogenesis: Cleavage
Organism: Xenopus
Stage of Development: Embryo

Object Description

Onset of cytokinesis in a fertilized Xenopus egg. A 20 micron-wide contractile band of actin filaments and myosin-2 assembles just under the surface of the animal hemisphere. Constriction of this band initially puckers the surface into periodic stress folds. The contractile band lengthens to circumscribe the entire egg, later deepening to form a furrow that ultimately cleaves the egg in half.


Danilchik, M.V., Brown, E.E. Membrane dynamics of cleavage furrow closure in Xenopus laevis. Developmental Dynamics, 2008, 237: 565-579.

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